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Vocal Tech House with Mescal Kids

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Back by popular demand with another absolute banger we proudly welcome back Scott Lowe from Mescal Kids with an all-new ‘How To Make’ course showing us how they made their high ranking Beatport track ‘Never Knew’.

Starting from scratch, Scott recreates this Vocal Tech House tune with an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide where we build the groove and bassline, chop up the vocals, add synths and effects before arranging out, mixing down and mastering.

The finished track is yet another energetic, groove-laden, soulful classic from Mescal Kids that’s guaranteed to raise the roof!

Download the resources and get on it!

Hi, great course thank you!

I see you have the UAD SSL Glue Compressor on from the start during production, with what settings exactly?

Second question, but it is no longer included in mastering? Is that always the case or where would it be otherwise?

It’s quite common to have some sort of glue comp on the master for vibe while producing.

Then when you do your export you take it off and either leave it to a mastering engineer or you have a clean mix to do it yourself.

Great course. Many thanks for sharing so generously.

Just noticed the vocals in the Samples folders are the vocal stems (also in the stems folder). Just wondering if this was a mistake? It would be good to have more of the original vocal to practice making the chops.

We couldn’t give away the full vocal due to copyright reasons, only the chop versions, unfortunately.

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Ok. No worries and thanks for letting me know. The

For me is the best course ever I watched on SA . So well explained. Thanks guys!!!

Great course.

Nice tutorial!

But I have to mention that some parts in mixing, might sound better because of it gets much louder.
The part with compression on the kick gets from -15 to -9.
No offense man. Only my OCD :wink:

Well, I’m still working through the course, but one thing that screwed me up is tutorial chapters 10 and 11 are out of order. Maybe @chris_agnelli can fix that for future viewers. I’ll let you know if there’s anything else.

Hey there @robertspectral! Sorry about that and thanks! Should be sorted now :slight_smile:


Hey @MentalState, I think you’re right. I’m using a different kick, but what I found for my kick, in the track I’m building here, is that the EQ, compression, and envelope, along with gain reduction to compensate, made the kick sit better by being less, “thumpy”. It took me a lot of AB’ing with proper gain staging to be cool with it.

I’ve just gotta say how much I really enjoyed this course. It’s one that I’ve been keeping my eye out for and it really didn’t disappoint!

Right from the off Scott takes his time, playing each sound individually, explaining his reason for using them in a clear, easy to understand way and the track’s a belter too!! :slight_smile:

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Very good walk through again! For beginners and advanced users. Thank you Meskal Kids.

Please could you tell me the name of the vocal so I cant track it down thank you, Also great work on the course really enjoyed it so fare.


The full vocals were not in the course resources for obvious copyright reasons as already mentioned, so I don’t think Mescal Kids would feel very happy reading such request TBH. It’s already a lot from producers to share their knowledge & techniques with us, so simple rule here : don’t steal :wink: :thumbsup:

Thank you Chris Agnelli for letting me know, I was going to buy this vocal if It was available on Loopcloud or any other sample source website, I just wanted to learn these vocal chops.

That was just me ( forums mod ) quoting Chris previous post :wink:

Yes, I got your point and agree that it makes things easier when you have the same sources to follow along with tutorials but well, the important bit is to learn the techniques and being able to apply them using your own material IMO, it’s also the best way to come up with your own original tracks at the end of the day and have the peace of mind to avoid any copyright strike or make “copy-cat” tracks.

That said, for educational purpose and to strictly answer your question, I don’t know if the vocals are from a paid sample pack and which one it is.

Hope that makes sense :wink:

Cheers !

Brilliant run through