How to make your low end (Kicks and Bass) sound phat?

I listen to producers such as Wolfgang Gartner, Deadmau5 and countless others and I am always drawn and inspired how their low end sounds so perfect. I sit in envy desiring to create such low end sounds. You can hear my kicks but they lack that low end phatty sound. I compress a bass sound and side-chaining it with my Kick drums and it does sounds better but there is still something lacking leaving me with unsatisfactorily.

So, my question is this, how can I give my low end (kicks and bass line) that wide but crisp phat dominace without redlining???

first of all. most of Producers like Deadmau5 , wolfgang gartner use Hardware synth for their Bass and also they might be able to layer down and use some stereo Panning to widen the Bass. also if you use soft synths u might be able to layer down different bass synths . now also compression and EQ also is very important.

so do lots of research about stereo panning, compression , and practice lots of EQ .

that is my advice.

same goes for the kick except u need to tune in. and to tune it u need to train your ears. or use espectral analyzers to guide

hopefully that helps