How to Nu Disco Question

Hi there!

I was recently working through your “How to make nu disco” video and ran into some trouble with the plugin Laconvolver, i installed the plug in as i normally would (Simply moved the .component file into my VST folder, checked that my vst directory is going to the correct folder and everything and still cannot get ableton to detect it?

Please help, i’d very much like to continue with the video!

Oh ps. Using an intel/alloy macbook pro.

put in Audio Units folder, .component is for AU, .vst is for…VST :smiley:

Ahh i see… Thanks! Where can i find my Audio Units folder? I tried doing a search and nothing came up… Sorry about the noob questions.

Mac HD/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins

don’t worry mate, we all had to start somewhere :slight_smile:

oh....The folder is called 'Components'

That sorted it thanks heaps mate!