How to produce a Beatport chart topper in 4 minutes

That’s right guys, all this time you’ve been doing it wrong. :cool:br
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This literally had me in stitches… Its terrible how true it is though!

[quote]xpa (18/07/2013)[hr]This literally had me in stitches… Its terrible how true it is though![/quote]/PP…or how it’s getting!

LOL That was awesome I can’t believe that guy kept a straight face the whole time

I love his attitude. ‘Pick a sound no one else is using’ picks most common sound aha

This have really hit some nerves in the community. :Pbr
Its pretty funny actually, but hey everyone is free to produce what ever they want. br
Whom are we to judge as long as people like it?

heh, that gave me a chuckle. i can’t say how much i hate those songs that take one note or chord stab or whatever it is and just make a pattern out of it. and so many do it! it’s

It is actually slightly worrying that once the guy in the video gets a kick and the stab going, it doesn’t sound that different from some of the tracks that are being put out!br
Even when he adds ridiculous levels of limiting - it still doesn’t sound all that different to some tracks that have done really well on Beatport!br

Exactly what I was thinking David!

I had to watch it again and still it makes a tear of laughter run down my face. :laugh:

I dunno, it’s easier to say omg look at these simpletons and their simple la la music and getting hit records etc but at the end of the day it doesn’t matter how you get there but this is dance music and these types of tracks make people dance and have a good time which is what it’s about. Look at Knas by Steve Angello, it’s just literally a few vengeance samples arranged and it got to no1. Omg omg omg here come the elitist police telling you that it’s cheap, that u have no skill, that its all so simple. Im sure you can hear their cries from ure mansion on top of your piles and piles of money…br
This vid is nice to show how to make a drop, but what about the epic breakdowns and melodies, don’t think you can do them in 4 minutes…

“comedy genius” br
-10db of gain reduction. if u dont do this ya wont make it! lmfao!! thats class!br

lmfaoooooooo awesome

WOW! This is great! I better try this one out!