How to produce convincing pitched down 'dark' vocals?

Hey, i just love deep dark pitched down vocals over a grinding techno tech house tune. We all know the ones.  Problem is i’ve tried using waves and melodyne to do this but just aint getting the right results.


A. I’ve yet to discover the perfect technique.

B. I’ve got the tools but aint using them proper.

Cant anyone help me out?


Can you post some examples please mate, I’m actually not sure what you mean

will do, i’ll add a .rar clip to the post.  Just give me a few days, its birthday weekend :smiley:

Maybe see if it’s on youtube mate, probably much quicker (happy bday!)

check the vocal in this tune. Thats what im aiming for.


I’ll have a wild stab at this without having a clue!

have you tried a pitch shift to reduce the speed of the sample, i think it might bring the tone done loads which could be what you’re aiming for?

Pitch shift should work it, i seen on Live 7 you could change the pitch without changing the speed. Although that was on the DJ side of Ableton, but i’m sure one of the plug in’s will give you that option too.

Assuming you have Live 7 lol

Confirmed, it’s in Live - it in the options for the sample - you can set the type of speed - ie pitch, complex, beats etc that it asjusts the sample to then you can adjust the pitch.

Sounds good with a bit of reverb and also stretched out a bit

i’ll have a looksee, see what i can do with it? Where is it again? Audio Effects? (Live)

It’s the Transpose section you want in the Sample box on the bottom left hand side…

If you keep the warp setting at Beats or Complex you will be able to manually shift the sound using the Transpose control by semi-tone. Add some reverb and delay and hey presto!