How to program Luke Chable Style Drums

  1. Progressive Breaks

  2. Luke Chable & JoJo Fernandez

  3. Before You Beat My Box

  4. Luke Chable & Jono Fernandez - Before You Beat My Box - YouTube

    I would love to see a breakdown of this entire track, but drum programming in particular from almost any Luke Chable track is of interest to me.

Figuring out how drum loops have been programmed with ableton is really straight forward.

First drop the track into ableton, and loop a section of the track

Next right click, and select slice to new midi track. This will bring up some options, go with the default (transient and built in). Ableton with then open up an new midi track with the loop sliced into midi like a rex file.

As that midi file is now, its not very helpful in regards to finding out how the drums were programmed. So, switch on midi preview (the headphone symbol in the top left of the piano roll) and now when you click on the piano keys down the side of the midi clip, you will hear each sample.

You’ll notice that many of the samples are the same . So instead of having 4 different kick samples, move the midi on to the first kick like in the screen shot. Then do the same with the snare, the hit hats and every other element in the track.

Once you’ve finished, delete the unused samples. You should now have a midi file of the drums from the track. From this you can easily see how the drums were programmed.

Hope this has helped!

Absolutely. Would love a luke chable tutorial.

I was trying to recreate the drums from his remix of Trafik - Your Light, and whilst the pattern is relatively simple, finding the right sounds I found very hard.

Will reach out to Luke this week - Have been wanting home on for a while! Also feel free to tag your favourite artists about us !

any updates with this one. Chable and Bonnici’s ‘Ride’ is probably my favourite track of all time. The breaks mix.

have you checked out this course?

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Yep, it’s pretty good.