How to properly use Distortion and Guitar Amps. in cubase

can we have a tutorial on this please? i wanted to work more in sounds like Boyz NoIZE and distorted Hyper Bass. seems that i never get to achieve those Distorted synths . for some reasons . ( I think is lack of knowledege in how to work with distortion sounds, )

try resampleing the raw waves through distortion.

distrtion works on the harmonics so when you change notes the tone of your sound will also change. So if you resample it on the note that sounds the coolest and play it back through a sampler It will keep the same tone accross different notes.

Might have to get a free sampler still dont thing cubase has one built in… the shame

thanks for the Reply Phill. i think that might have been a reason that i cant nail the distortion thingy . but i will practice . i probably will need to dowload and install short circuit sampler.