How to Remix using production techniques

Would anybody like to see a tutorial on how to remix a popular song into a trance track? It would be cool to see how pro producers dissect vocals, build chords and recreate melodies.

Pease make a tutorial sonic academy

yeah this would be a good one, although hold the trance!! Even just a tutorial on how to stretch vocals to get them to fit. I’ve always had trouble trying to do that

+1 warping vocals … kinda get by but it would be cool maybe as a tech tip :slight_smile:

I think there is a vocal tut on the Moto Blanco tutorial actually guys.

Anyways yeah i’d love to see something on from beginning to end on working a remix, I dont really care what genre it is, i’d just like to see how someone goes about doing it from when they receive what ever little parts they’ve received into creating ideas and then to laying it all down from beginning to end.

I’d expect a good hour long tut for this at least, something really in depth.

I can’t see that happening though.