How to rework loops

im new to this musicall together but have just fallen in love with it im learning so much but i have one real problem  and it is that i have a load of samples(loops) but they do get repetative how can i change them any help would be great thank you

What DAW are you using, what genre of music are you producing, what loops are you using, what VST’s do you have, what cup size are you etc etc :slight_smile:

Need way more info here as there’s literally billions of ways you can go here.

If you’re using Ableton Live you can easily chop up loops, add effects/filters etc. Whack on automation, change ADSR settings, volumes etc. Reason has Dr Rex for loops but you can do some cool stuff with the loops in the NNXT

They’re the only DAW’s I know

sorry ive got the new ableton live suite 8 and also reason 4 but i only use reason 4 for the thor synth to be honest i also have recycle 2.1 but never used it yet, the music i like is electro, tech house and techno

say you have a basic electro bass 2 bar loop how could i change it so its not repetative

Well the first thing you could do is change the pitch of parts of it. You can use the Audio tools in Live to select individual parts of the loop and then pitch them up / down.

Then you could use the Audio Effects in Live to add reverb, delay, bitcrusher, etc etc on it.

Then you could play it backwards

Then you could add any number of VST effects on it, for example DBGlitch is a free tool that will take a loop and apply random effects over it - ie reverse part, repeat a part, pitch a part.

These are just a few of a million ways you can take it. The question is pretty diffficult to answer definitley as it’s more you asking “how can I be creative with a loop” and that my freind is something only you can lean how to do!

thanks alot for all the info there defently has helped alot well for ideas anyway.

I’m audio computer less at the moment but why don’t you post a link to a loop you’re trying to change and see what someone comes up with on the board. Might be an interesting little challenge for someone. I’ll certainly try it when I get my computer unboxed in a couple of weeks.