How to save samples in Ableton

Ok…here’s whats up…

I am working on creating my own sounds with my Doepfer Dark Energy and my Prophet for later use. I took the sounds and brought them into Live and recorded them as a wav file. I then took the clip and dragged it to a folder on my desktop (setup just for now) and when I did this, Live created an .als file. Then when I go into the folder, the file tree is something like folder/folder/recorded/ then the file that says audio and a number after it in sequential order. All fine and dandy, but I named the clip in Live and I would like it to keep it the same way.

Anyone know of an easy way to do this to build up your library?

if you right click and crop clip it renames the actual file not just in ableton

right. found that out yesterday. thank you very much though. i kind afind it weird how live deals with samples in this manner though.