How to setup logic pro with hardware sequencer?

Hi I’m new to this site and logic 9 and mac but have good grounding with samplers ect i have an 8 track 16 part midi sequencer with assignable midi channels i want to be able to assign separate logic instruments e.g

es1 and a es2 to be sequenced at the same time(different sequence on each) I’ve tried to change the midi channels in logic to ch 1 for es1 ch 2 for es2 but the sequencer plays both sequences on which ever track/instrument I’ve currently highlighted please help as the midi clock on logic seems to be much better than ableton and I’m choking to unleash this beast .

Thanks in advance

Robert Allan

Not sure about this one… had a look and it does look like you are setting the track just to receive on one channel.

Is your sequencer defo just sending out on individual midi channels?

Why arnt you using logic for the sequencing?

thank you for the reply I’m currently looking through the logic manual hi it definitely is putting out separate midi channel,s you choose them from the separate sequencer tracks you can have 8 different channels works amazing with akai s6000 and works with ableton but ableton has poor midi clock and the timing drifts using as master or slave the separate channels are fine in ableton with the sampler it dosnt work in osx which is a bummer but receives seperate channels and timing is obviously fine i use this sequencer as i can touch it and practically create an evolving 16 step sequence immediately within 5 to 10 seconds and they can be saved and recalled(100 banks per seq) which makes it a very powerful addition to any setup using midi then you can basically hit record on your daw and it would record your sequence into your track. i also would have another controller knobs n faders controlling the filter frequency resonance ect on whatever I’m sequencing. I have several controllers and was wanting to set them all up and ultimately have a live setup to use for jamming sessions as i have in ableton. Thanks for your tutorials they are very well done and sound amazing :smiley: they have been a great tool for learning logic and production technique’s and very inspirational


Robert Allan

i found the fix and here it is for anyone else needing this function or multiple midi inputs.

  1. Put Logic in Multiplayer Mode

    In Logic, choose Settings > Recording, and under MIDI, select Auto demix by channel if multitrack recording.

  2. Set Each Controller Keyboard’s MIDI Channel

    Choose a MIDI channel for each controller, and refer to each controller’s manual to see how to change the MIDI channel they transmit on.

    You can skip that step if you’re using an MPC or another external MIDI sequencer (where tracks already transmits MIDI data on their own channel).

  3. Set Each Logic Track’s MIDI Channel

    In Logic, set each instrument track’s MIDI channel parameter so they are triggered by the controller sending on that channel.

  4. Record-arm each Logic track


    Robert Allan

nice one! Thanks!