How to Sond Like Question? Tech House Synth Patches

Hi Guys,

Great website absolutely loving the content. However i have hit a wall with tthe tutorials that are aimed at the Tech house sound and feel that there needs to be some more content going over how to make some of the typical minimal glitchy sounds synonymous with tech house - how to actually synthesise them rather than using a samples as we need more control over them. i would describe these sounds as the sort of minimal clicks, pops, quick stabs, glitches, hisses, drips, slices etc… (the dripping water one is very common, or the one that sounds like something popping).

I have provided 4 clips with some of these typical sounds on them. The clips can be downloaded :

[url=]Tiktok Downloader - Download Video tiktok Without Watermark - SnapTik

It would seem to me that most tech house uses these sort of sounds and that they are the hardest to get from a synth in comparisen to creating drums or strings for example…

Well hopefully this will be looked at!


I’d also love how to create these types of sounds