How To Sound Like Agnelli & Nelson

Just writing to see if anyone would be interested in this?

Cheers :slight_smile:

totally agree!!

by chris as well lol

I’m up for this especially if Chris does it in Logic. :wink:

Never heard of them dude.


Who is this Agnelli and Nelson you speak off? Never heard of them… Think I might have seen them doing cover versions in my local pub…:w00t:

Agnelli who?:smiley:

go on chris… ya know ya want 2!!!

the time has come to reveal all… lol

HOW TO SOUND LIKE ME by Chris Agnelli

[quote]roben (17/06/2010)[hr]HOW TO SOUND LIKE ME by Chris Agnelli[/quote]


Chris Agnelli for dummies

lol at you guys.

In truth though I think the secret to Agnelli & nelsons sound is the memorable chord sequences & melodies they use, not in their sound programming…I think it is typically trancey & they also seem to not limit everything to pieces giving everything more room & dynamics.

Anyways it sounds great:)