How to sound like..... ARNO COST

Hey guys. I think this would be a great video for the SA team to do. In particular I am wanting to know how to make his track “Cyan”.

Yes I know that produces a similar style to the Swedish guys but I love how big this track sounds.

Another track like this would be Chris Lakes new tune “Alone”.

I have a fair idea it might be with the chords they use for the lead sound but I’m not overly sure.

Thanks for any help guys:)

yeah it could be amazing!!

totally agree with you for Cyan!

I like Arno Cost, I also love John Dahlebak, their colab track ‘Golden Walls’ is awesome.

It is true however that it’s a similar kinda sound to the SHM stuff but still great sounds.

I’ll put my +1 on this :slight_smile:

guy don’t forget, on this site you can see in the studio with arno cost

the link:

Can’t understand a word! lol it’s all in french??

yeah i know it’s in french

on this site you can also see tristan garner and jeremy hills in the studio but again in french

if i can help someone here are the vst use by arno cost

Magenta: “Blue” (bassline and lead synth); Sytrus (pads)
-Apocalypse: “Minimoog” (first lead synth); “Blue” (Synth in the break)
-Golden Walls: “Vanguarde” (lead synth); Orange Vocoder (vocal)
-Souvenir: “V Station” (lead synth); “Synful Orchestra” (strings); “Bass Station” (bassline)
-Darling Harbour: “Philarmonik” (lead synth); “FM8” (Arpeggiator pad and bass line)
-Kalle Remix: “Vangarde” (trance lead); “Minimoog” (arpeggiator in the break)
-Hate Me Remix: “Albino 3” & “FM8” (lead synth); “Sytrus” (bassline); “Philarmonik” (strings)

Yeah, Arno’s sound is great.

Already did a topic on that and  the only thing i found was the VST list Sedrick has just provided

In the video, he’s just showing some of his tunes (but they are not filming close enough to the screens to see his presets :)) and explaining how he"s working. No “real secrets” inside.

I’ll have a look at them videos guys:)