How to sound like Avicii?

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I got a question for you.

How do i create a song like Avicii?

Avicii always been a great inspiration to me, all though he works in FL studio isn’t it possible to make some similair sounds like him?

Here is what i’m talking about.

Avicii - Levels (FULL SONG) - YouTube - the famous Levels ^^

Armin van Buuren feat. Laura V - Drowning (Avicii Unnamed Mix) [#ASOT491] - YouTube - the sound fades in at 0:31

I love the beat and vocal :slight_smile:

the drop is pretty cool as well.

So what are your guys toughts on that?

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Wouldn’t the recent Dutch house course cover most of the techniques he uses? I could be wrong as it’s not my thing but it sounds basically the same to me. It’s a good tutorial as well, the drum proessing sections were really good for anyone no matter what style you’re into.

i suppose, but still the dutch house tutorial is a little bit different. as you can hear in levels it got some kind of reverse on each beat.

wich they don’t explain in the dutch one, also in the second song of avicii, when the first break down comes you hear a sub thing not sure what it’s called but i’ll called it atmosphere. wich they don’t tell in the tutorial as well, i think sonic could make a great new product how to sound like avicii since he’s new and has a original style when it comes to house.

If you’re after the sound that comes in slightly before the main riff in Levels it’s just a reversed reverb tail.

Stick a long reverb on your melody synth. Make it 100% wet. Play just the first note/chord of your riff and record the output to another channel. Take that audi file and reverse it. Place it before the main melody riff comes in and you’re done.

It you mean the way that the last note of the riff kind of pitches down or appears to slow down. Again, it’s pretty simple to do. If you’re on PC you can use a plug in like Glitch here


On Mac it’s a bit more fiddly. Some DAW’s, like Reason, have that Tape Stop effect available already. I’m using Ableton but there’s a good tut here on YT that shows you how to do it.

[url]Legit Tape Stop In Ableton - YouTube