How to sound like Bosh

Hi there,

at first I want to thank to the Sonic Academy crew for their great work - your videos help me alot, thanks to you my first two releases are already out plus more are on the way.

However, as I’m still not that much skilled in music production, I’d like to see some videos of HTSL on Bosh - although this is not a style on its own (this was the name of a cd compilation Eddie Halliwell did a few years ago for one magazine and now it’s commonly used name for banging techtrance/techno tracks) if you are familiar with production from Reaky or Bryan Kearney or with their sets, you might know how this should sound like.

To be more concrete, here is summary plus some videos:

  1. The Style: Bosh (techno/techtrance)

  2. Artist: Reaky, Bryan Kearney

  3. Name of track(s): See sample videos below

  4. Youtube or Audio Links:

    Reaky - Vempire Strikes Back (Bryan Kearney’s Anxiety Remix)

    John Askew - Battery Acid (Bryan Kearney’s For The Neighbours Remix)

    Reaky - What A Cluster**** (Original Mix)

    Bedrock - For What You Dream Of (Bryan Kearney’s Planet Love MakeOver)

    (this one is a rework but again it’s a good example of this style)

    I hope this will give you an idea of the style I want to achieve. I’m not looking for the exact copy of one of mentioned tracks, but I’d like to know how to properly do such music (especially when it comes to creating and layer catchy percussions and banging basslines).

    Thanks for you time and have a great weekend :wink:


yeah me too i want to know how bryan kearney does those lovely drops and explosive kicks with the dirty bassline.

this would be a big help… :smiley: