How To Sound Like Boys Noize ?!?!?!?!

Hey guys, how can i sound like boys noize ?

I mean the Synth-Style, the arrangements and the drums.

for example for that song & Down - Boys Noize - YouTube

That sounds pretty cool and the arrangement is very tough :wink:

What plug ins/samples would you say are the best for doing that, what different Midi/Audio-Lines does Boys noize make ?

i would be very happy if you could help me ^^

i am german, my english isnt the best :stuck_out_tongue:

they have a tutorial to how to sound like justice or dance Rock i think . you should check the videos . the structure is pretty similar and you get a tutorial how to make the Hyper bass ( distorted bass)

i think the frech house course is offline for ableton…

it would be nice if they would put up a french house for ableton :satisfied:

its really a great i am trying to produce well along with all styles this site is really great :slight_smile:

much love to Sonic Academy not to mention there complete geniuses

i freaking LOVE this Academy!!

oh wait, did i already say that?:hehe:

i think you can use the same techniques to create Dance Rock with the Reason tutorials . as long as i remember you can create a boyz noise bass sound from any bass sample . you will need to use lots of distortion plug ins , compress , eq,and a limiter at the end of your plug ins strip to overdrive the channel and some white noise at the top . now if you dont know what you i am talking about . i would suggest to start taking basic Music Production.heheh