How to sound like Cyberpunkers, Haezer, DJ Antention, Monophonique; Electro Trash

Before I consider signing up for Sonic Academy, I was curious if there are any tutorials about how to create harsh and distorted synth and basslines akin to the artists on Freakz Me Out’s
These are guys such as Cyberpunkers, Belzebass, DJ Antention, La Musique D’Ordinateur, and some others off label would be Drivepilot, Haezer, etc

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Hello DJ4LMTZ.
I know only about-Dj Antention,
Antention use standard vst and presets,i use Sylenth1 to bass and lead/synth itd…
in one song he used-Dj Antention-Smaug. - Vst FM8 Standard preset.
and in sylenth1 use standard preset Dr Noize to bass-bassline.
post is quite old but if someone is interested, I invite you to private contact I will explain everything and show you how.
but unfortunately similar bass, Antention also uses a secret vst plugin for his bass, unfortunately he will not say what, but I try to look for him.
I’m making similar music
I invite you! : SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds // Adam Karvat | VK // FB- Redirecting...