How to Sound like - "Daniele Papini - Church Of Nonsense"

Sup guys,

Ever since I heard this Minimal tune (Church Of Nonsense by Daniele Papini) back in 08 I never got a chance to create a bassline like this. The feeling is just awesome and the EQ is out of this world. If possible I would like to request a tutorial on this track so we can get a sense on how it’s done. This track is quite simple but at the same time has a tremendous bassline and as I played this tune several times it always kept the crowed going! :D:D

Phill I know you can do this one:D Common if possible please make a vid on how to create such bassline and similar buildups that will keep the crowd on their feet. If you could do something like this then it would be awesome!:w00t:



Youtube Link: [/quote]