How to sound like Deadmou5!

What do you say guy’s could you emlulate the mou5’s sound?

A) Why would you want to sound exactly like someone else?

B) Yes, there is a tutorial on his techniques.

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There is already a tutorial on deadmau5 sound.


Deadmou5 is great!

Flat Eric is right.

And by “becoming popular” don’t you mean “was so popular in 2006?”

His sound is getting pretty stale to me because everybody is trying to imitate it.

I think you’re better off finding your own sound.

Flat Eric?

[quote]howiegroove (10/26/2009)[hr]Flat Eric?[/quote]

i think this youtube vid will help you uderstand howie lol:D

I too would like to see a tutorial on this. I realize there already is one but that is how to make his more mellow sound. I would love to see a tutorial that goes over making a track like ‘Hi Friend’ or his remix of Daft Punk ‘Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger’

Hi Friend, while I think is awesome, isn’t exactly mellow!

But as stated before, there is a Deadmau5 tutorial already, plus various others that also help with this sound (Like the Mark Knight one for example).

Ignore what anyone else says though, if you want to work on sounding like artists you like, that’s a good place to find your feet.

Whatever works for you.