How to sound like: Deep House?

Hi there,

I also love to see a deep house tutorial. Some soulful deep and funky house.

It would be nice to have some kind of “HTSL Joey Negro” :hehe:.


How comes as of today 10/3/10 that deep house only has 3 votes on future videos…come on guys if you want to get what you want - pull ya finger out and start voting

Deep House tutorial please !!

yep, deep soulful house of the Naked Music and Om records style all the way please :smiley:

Phil do the Jimpster remix of Kasper Bjørke!! maaaaassiv!!

Yeahh let’s go Deeep please!!!

I would love a tutorial like this :smiley:

Based on these 28 posts I think it says it all.

I would love a deep house tutorial anno 2010 (and not 2007 which is the newest I can find) - go go go SA!!

guys failing SA doing one, anyone know of some good ones on youtube or anywhere else worth checking out?

I took a course 2 months ago and was well worth the money. Very extensive 4 weeks and a well tutored course on the genre. I don’t think i’m allowed to post a link here because of forum rules but this track was the fruits of it. I still would like to see a Deep House tutorial here in SA but the looks of it, Electro and Progressive House will (again) be favored.

Wonderful High (Original Mix) by frankiepbsnystudios

++++++++++++++++ yes we definetely need…

from sound of “naked music” to “8bit” and “plastic city”…

this kind of music is some kind of classic… not a temporary trend…

and there are millions of loyal fans out there… just check beatport and myspace…

tks in advance…

further to my above please check the sound of the first track in this video…

Terry Lee Brown & The Timewriter live - YouTube

totally amazing…

by the way, does anybody knows who is the artist and the name of the track???