How to sound like Depeche Mode and NIN

As an electronic musician I would find it incredibly useful to learn how to mix music like Depeche mode (Songs of Faith and Devotion, Violator and Black celebration eras) and Nine inch nails (Pretty Hate machine, Downward Spiral and The Fragile eras). Songs like Vessel by nine inch nails that incorporate a lot of glitch, whitenoise and low end synth bass sound events I find particularly tricky to mix and EQ. In essence anykind of industrial/electronic music that has alot of densely layered soundscapes.

Particular tracks of interest:


I Feel you,

Higher Love,

Black Celebration,

Enjoy the Silence

Personal Jesus



Closer (precursor) Almost could be considered an Electroacoustic piece


Terrible Lie

Head like a hole


Im up for this too!

I think NIN would be pretty tough to nail down without an interview or two to help out. Reznor uses a lot of outboard effects in interesting ways - not much in the way of software was available in the early 90s.

Depeche Mode is a bit easier: Jupiter 8/Juno 60/Juno 106, early Emulator Samplers, analog effects, etc