How to sound like...Dirtybird records/claude vonstroke, etc

Hey guys. I (along with probably several others) would probably very much enjoy and get a lot out of some tuts on sounds like dirtybird records. Artists such as Claude Vonstroke, Eats Everything, Worthy, Justin Martin, etc. here some links to the videos of tracks I’ve got in mind. Please keep this bumped up if anyone else is interested!! Thanks a ton guys!!br




etc, etc etc…

Yeah, this would be brilliant. Considering how popular the likes of Eats Everything are they should definitely be doing a tut on this as there’s nothing like it on the
Sadly I think they’ll just keep knocking out cheesy electro or trance tuts as that’s what they specialise in.

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    Best request I’ve seen here in a while

keep it bumped! br


Have any of you guys come across any other tutorials on or similar to the Eats Everything type bass line.

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**** yeahbr
that uk dirtybird records sound is unique man!br

bumping this to see if anyone is still interested?

I’ve wanted to see this for ever! Get on it boys please!

plz? :wink:

Yes, this stuff is definitely hot right now. Let’s have it!br
You guys all probably know this, but Future Music and Point Blank have both got some great VonStroke tutorial stuff.

yes!!! i would love this HEAVY 808

YES!!! Shadow Child recently started a show on Rinse FM with that heavy bass line house music. It would be awesome to see how to construct a house track and all that LOW END THEORY

Come on let’s have it! :w00t:

That Claude vonStroke track is excellent… drums sound amazing.

Eats Everything & Justin Martin - Feather Fight - YouTube br
- YouTube

bump ? :slight_smile: I loved the Danny Daze bass, that was killer. I’m still waiting for a full tut on this style. The dirtysecretz and deep tech house tutorials have so far been some of the best. This post rallied over 1k views. Pretty please??

BUMP. THIS IS SOOO NEEDED!!! The sound is HOT right now! Cone on SC!!! #DIRTYBIRD @phil_johnston