How to sound like drum n bass

any ideas when this one will be availible guys?

yeah, want it so bad…

hope it wont be clownstep:) something Noisia-like would be great:)

I suppose this would be the obvious one to use as an example but something along the lines of Pendulum.

Pendulum Tarantula - YouTube

or maybe…

The Qemists

The Qemists - S.W.A.G. (HD) - YouTube

As before, Noisia

- YouTube

Drumsound And Bassline Smith

- YouTube

This tutorial has to be covered soon s.a!

I’ve lost touch with dnb recently but the tutorial has got to sound like something andy c would play!

I too would love this. Something heavy,l like Andy C or Rnoi Size.

I would like to see some tutorials with aprticular focus on FAT basslines, not just wobbly, I mean floor shaking, and breakbeat programming.

Been loving all the tutorials so far, but almost entirely 4/4 and synthy. Lets get some breaks and bassline going on.!

The same : The Qemists, Noisia and … Spor

I see on the schedule this is due this month.

I am crossing everything in the hope that there is a lot of detail particularly on the sound design of the bass part. Not just getting wobbly bass, but sub shaking bass sounds, much like in Dub-Step… cos for me this is the holy grail that keeps eluding me.

Unless a lot of that is all in the post preduction? Either way I gotta know!

uf, hope not pendulum or simon bassline smith, they dragged dnb to places i dont like

spor, noisia, or any neurofunk producer…

loungy d&b :stuck_out_tongue: love it

well… i am looser in this one… well … i have to wait for something in my taste… i have 10 months of subscription… so hopefully… some day…