How to sound like elton john! coming soon

Guys and gals

just a quick heads up to let you know that Phil and the busy working away on our next set of HTSL Tutorials and this one is going to be a biggie - Elton John!!!

We’ll keep you posted when the vids are uploaded


happy 1st of april to you too :smiley:

It’s easy to sound like Elton John… Just wear a shell suit and call everyone a c**t! :w00t:

Can’t wait for this, too many times have I thought “This track I’m making needs a hint of Elton to it”

Like a candle in the wind!


Posted after noon. YOU SIR are an april fool

lol - you guys are too quick for me!

i was in san francisco at a conference last week (web design - lots of good stuff to help us make the site better for you guys) so it was 7am when i posted this!!!



I was like “what the f**k” before seeing the message was posted on April 1st :slight_smile: