How to sound like, fake blood, jack beats, rico tubbs

as much as i enjoyed the HTSL ‘fidget’ tutorials…that sound is rather dated now…almost 3 years now.

I think the names listed above are totally killing it in the current nu skool producers

I know fidget, bassm wobble or whatever you want to call it probably isnt everyones cuppa here. But i reckon these tutorials was be mega!

Totally agree with this, although fair play to the SA guys, the htsl fidget tutorial is excellent and despite what you say, alot of those sounds are still used in current records - stupid fresh, heavyfeet etc…

definitely would be good to have a fake blood/jack beats/foamo/lee mortimer type tutorial as you say, their sound is slightly different again, more advanced, almost like Fidget 2.0 :stuck_out_tongue:

ah i know man…and i did love that fidget tutorial, but i thought it would be worth mentioning a few of the current players making waves…plus i think if sonic acedemy did a jack beats or fake blood tutorial…youd find their subscriber rate going through the roof once word got out :smiley:

are the techniques for creating these basslines not very similar… its mainly the beats that have progressed now… more breaky live dubby stuff.

just mess about with different oscillators play with unison settings (number of voices) detune etc. and you are there.

dont forget that stuff we are hearing now was made 4 months or more ago

simply copying stuff for your tracks will always make them sound out of date.

you should be taking the general idea and twisting it till it sounds almost wrong.

the reason we all love this stuff atm is it sounds so fresh and new.

I think if this was to ever happen anybody intrested would have to be WAY more specific about what elements exactly their looking to learn that constitute ‘fidget 2.0’ or whatever,since i listen to a lot of that music myself along with everything else and i think i’d struggle to tell you the sort of specific innovations on a technical level at least that foamo or even fake blood are bringing to it.Maybe one obvious thing with more recent fidget/wonk etc is the amalgamation with elements of dubstep and a fair few fidget types playing this together so maybe in a weird way you’d actually benefit from a dubstep tutorial!.I think though for the people wanting this now your have to consider that being as there was a basic fidget htsl just done your probably going to be at the back of the queue for a while being as a lot of people on this site aren’t intrested in this even though it is/was popular on some blogs/forums etc as we’ve not even covered major basic fundamental elements like techno yet rather than another update on a sub genre of a sub genre.Which although i wouldn’t agree with Herve is on its way out quite yet,i think its fair to say if you want to be in production longer term your going to need to expand your horizons way past this anyway.

yo i hear you phil! totally agree…

i think with jack beats, their sound is more of a dubstep vibe…only incorporated into a house tempo!

I think out of the producers i listed fake blood seems to be the one that doesnt really rely on a wompy wobble sound…its heart lays more in electro. So a utorial on that brand of electro would be so good!

If this is the real Mr Myagi that initiated this thread your music is fuckin insane.

Keep it UP! i just thought i had to post that becuase i tripped when i saw your name on the thread.

Since doing the tutorials on fidget i have been able to take my sounds much further i can see what  they mean by having the newer sounds but u can get close by just tweaking things :smiley:

jack beats wobbles i find easier in massive with some nice lfo work and 3 oscilators on the go

oke thats true

but the fake blood baselines really sounds diffrent than almost al others

i also like the proxy baseliens those are sick

i wonder if he uses the v synth for that one

the fake blood ones sound almost like guitars distorted so perhaps he has some kind of distortion liek guitar rig