How to sound like: Harvey McKay - Black Dolphin


There a many techno tracks using a similar kick n bass sound (often found in drumcode sets/tracks) two examples include:

Harvey McKay - Black Dolphin

Balthazar & JackRock - Save Me

Would also love to know how the clap is made.

Lis :slight_smile:

Oh yes, please Harvey is excellent. If you could get man himself to do a tutorial it would be fantastic.
Also, generally more Drumcode style techno, please :slight_smile:

Yes, be up for this!

Hey @dexi @trancema and @MASKD - will look into this for you. Lets see what we can do in the new year…


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That would be excellent. Thank you, Chris :slight_smile:

Hey there @trancema we are hyped to tell you that Harvey is recording his course this week!! Expect it out sometime in March

Wow, Mr. Harvey himself!
You guys are legends!!!

Excellent news, thank you, very much, sir :slight_smile: