How To Sound Like Indecent Noise

Hi, i would like to put forward my request for a tutorial series based on the productions of Indecent Noise. The type of tracks he makes are a blend of really rolling basslines with a really crisp sub bass. This type of trance at the moment is being made by a few artists but Indecent Noise would be the stand out producer for me at the moment. I have included a few links below to older and newer stuff by him.

Indecent Noise - Grim Reaper

One of my favourite tracks that show off the kick and sub bass really well

Bowdidge & Taylor - Power Cut (Indecent Noise Remix)

One of the newer productions that has a dubsteppy type mid range feel at the drop @ 1:58

Indecent Noise & Colin James - Preset Warrior

Nice track with a lot of acid type squelches

I think the stand out factors from these tracks would be the kick, sub and mid bass and also the acids. I would love to see a set of tutorials based on these types of tracks. I know there already is a tech trance and trance series, but i don’t feel they offer the same style as shown above. Hopefully more people on this forum would also like to see this and would try help push this idea forward :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

YES! This would be the best tutorial ever. Pleeeasse do one:w00t:

bump +1 br
would love to know how to make them techy sounds

YES. would love a tut on this

I agree:D