How to sound like: Johan Wedel

Alright, so this guy is pumping out some great stuff, and always done. He’s done remixes of hiphop tracks and turned them into big smashing house tunes with alot of elements that are outstanding and unique. His recent project was actually a remix on James Blunt and turn out to be a really good tune as well. I’d love to get into some details that he’s using in his track.

Personally, I think the true characteristics in his tracks are the vocal modulations and repitching and loopings. But also the way he uses synths to bounce on the beats.

Examples of vocals and beat bumping (hehe);

- YouTube (vocals) as well as synth

Albin Myers feat. St. James - There 4 You (Don & Palm, Johan Wedel Remix) - YouTube (vocals) as well as synths, I absolutely LOVE this tune! The drums and the synths with different velocities and roundness to it sounds amazing to me. Anyone care to figure out how to make synth beats like this? (referring to the intro now) as well as the drop where the percussions are high and dominant.

Thanks alot guys, this tutorial would be truely AWSOME! I think more people would agree, since it’s very creative and unique :slight_smile:

I happen to know that he’s using the KORG R3 Vocoder function for this, but I wanted to know if it’s possible to do in the DAW aswell?

Here Are the tutorial of " How To Sound Like : Johan Wedel "

- YouTube

- YouTube

enjoy the tutorail. :slight_smile:

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