How to sound like Krunk! - La Menta


Been looking around, great tutorials, covering a lot of genres. I’d like to get to know more about how to make the floor shake. I love this track by Krunk!. It shakes the floor everytime that first drop hits at about 0:45. I’d like to see a tutorial in here covering this style of music, or maybe someone can help me how to make this? To me, it sounds like a short but snappy kick, an gritty off beat sub and 1 (maybe 2) widened bass sounds with a lot of harmonics brought out from distortion. But even though I’ve tried, I can’t get the same result.

  1. The Style (genre)
    Melbourne bounce

  2. Artist

  3. Name of track(s)
    Krunk! - La Menta

  4. Youtube
    Krunk! - La Menta [Premiere] - YouTube