How to sound like MASTIKSOUL

HI there,

i think a Mastiksoul sound alike would be great… his grooves are outstanding and unique at the moment…

let me know what you feel about it…

+1 would really work with the numerous techno/tech house HTSL requests we’ve been having lately.

I agree with valero, a mastiksoul tutorial would be big!!  

+1 this would be awesome…his grooves are unreal.

+1 would love a mastiksoul one. Some of Carlo Lios stuff is very similar as well

anyone want to embed a youtube vid for him?


[url=]- YouTube

[url=]Mastiksoul - Tormento ( vocal remix) - YouTube

[url=]Mastiksoul - Macaron - YouTube

[url=]Nick & Danny Chatelain - Katrinyla - (Mastiksoul Buff Buff Remix) - YouTube

[url=]- YouTube

He’s got a great latino carnival type tech influenced sound, i’m currently trying to produce something in the latin sound but still not sure where to take it. Seeing some influences and ideas from you guys would really help me out.

Here is a sample of what im working on atm, if you could help me out Phil in any way i’d be so grateful! : [url=][/url]