How To Sound Like Mike Koglin/Sean Tyas

Hi Guy’s.

I know there’s a trance tutorial already up but I thought as trance has varied off into many different sub genres that we could maybe explore them all.

I’m currently in work at the moment so I apologise for not posting any links. Once I get home I’ll add some links to this topic.


Thanks :slight_smile:




I thought that seeing both Mike & Sean use Logic Pro, would it be a good idea to maybe do this as another Logic Tutorial?


Would love to hear people’s thoughts.


Chris :) 

I’m not a Logic user myself, but defiantly would be interesting to have a Mike Koglin tutorial somewhere along the line.

Mike recently did a course for Point Blank Online. But you have to pay near enough £300 for it. Might also give SA a chance to get one over on the competition. :wink:

Found this one. Sounds quite good.

Arcane Science - Twisted Intent (Mike Koglin Remix)

Maybe quite a bit later down the road. There have been two trance tutorials already, with Tech Trance done very recently. Hopefully other topics get addressed first.