How to sound like noisia

that would be a tutorial and a half

That would be really nice. I remember a cuople of years back Gutterpump was a staple tune in my sets lol. Used to go down a treat~ Maybe i’ll dig it out and give it another spin xD

These guys sicken me - their Reese basses are so awesome, I can’t even begin to understand how they get them to sound so filthy.

Also Gutterpump is a killer track

how to sound like noisia? its easy… be noisia…

no seriously… noone can get that sound… only way is that they make that tutorial themselves… like their secret bass tutorial here:

work very hard on your sounds, going off what I’ve read in noisia interviews so far, not checked the vid but I imagine its the one with the paper against the speaker one?

Thats a classic dub trick as far as I’m aware

Not tried it myself, need to wire up the crappy hifi in the house to make use of its bass ports sometime.

What examples of noisia would you say are classic examples of their sound?

I stopped buying dnb a few years ago so not up on their more recent stuff

yeah watched loads and loads vid, very difficult sound to get they are just pros, a guy called spor has a very similar sound(

 i say best tunes (in no order)






creep out

Yeah good stuff, I would search for neuro funk bassline how too’s online.

I would say I’ll do a video but I got way to much on at the moment and two videos outstanding. If this thread is still active in Feb I might be able to do it.