How to sound like progressive house

hi guys I was posting to ask you to make a htsl prog house but the more melodic side of it to name a few artists : dinka , edx , chris reece,thomas shwartz ,helvetic nerds…all of these guys productions are just crazy melodic and atmospheric it´s like magical how they mix everything .I hope you guys really make this tutorial  I am really into this kind of sound it´s just beautifull and inspiring

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i’d like to see something on these guys but more the musical theory behind the tracks aspect, their production is very similar to the candy shop trance sound which i’m a bit sick off

I love the melodies always so catchy and you can really feel them and all the atmosphere in the songs and how they mix everything is great I was thinking exactly in that the way the melodies and motifs are made and interact the way they create that magical atmosphere behind the tracks the notes and chords they use the delays the reverbs …I think it has a lot of everything and even if you don´t like the sound it can be very usefull for every type of production:D

I agree, I would like to see something in the melodic range, along the lines of Jaytech. Everything I listen to by Jaytech is top notch quality.

jaytech would be an excellent artist for a tutorial too is songs are a lot of complex pyramid is such a great tune another possibility is an htsl pryda is stuff is out of this world so simple yet sounds so good two different ways of making pro house but two amazing producers for sure I think no matter your style is talent is key :smiley:

Just checked out some of the artists posted here, excellent stuff.  I’ve just run through the music theory courses, chords, scales etc and I am pretty sure you can use these basic theories to come up with some cool chord patterns like these guys… I would be interested in any courses that could be made on these artists, also Trentmoller and TimeWriter they create some great atmospheres and warmth in the mixes.

to me it looks like there is some kinda magic going on you know you can really travel to some place with your mind when you listen to these music .just listen to shingo nakamura is sound is so wicked it´s really amazing a really great form of expressing emotion .I think it´s time to make a tutorial on dinka ,shingo ,edx and does melodic prog guys:D

I agree, we are in need of a htsl melodic progressive house.