How to sound like Rico Tubbs

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Rico Tubbs

Gangstas (and a few others of his)


Rico Tubbs - Gangsters - YouTube

How do you get that rubbery bass?

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I checked out the tutorials it has some good stuff but id still like to know how to get certain sounds i think its down to the automation

in his track with craig mack …called Flava in ya ear. … he has some crazy bass sounds they all seem to come from one start sound and then automated (sorry i cant find this one on youtube)

can anyone point me in the right direction

slow attack on the filter envelope by the sound of it. This sound is nothing new, its been in d’n’b for years. Most synths will make espeically sylenth1. Probably came from a virus.

Most work will be done on the dynamics rather crafting the sound of the synth.

i know for one thing it didnt come from a virus sylenth etc he told me its a very old software synth that you can’t get any more and if i discover how its made let him know lol he wont share his secrets which is fair play