How to sound like....... SASHA!

We’ve had plenty of the big names covered by the Sonic Academy but a how to sound like SASHA is a must!

Sasha & Digweed for the win!!

Sasha and Digweed from a few years back would be nice.

This would be extremely difficult i’ve listened to sasha for years and you can’t pigeon hole his sound as he’s obviously made a effort to change it many times through his career. Suppose you could pick tracks and try to break them down but his sound is different now compared to 10 years ago…

Expander would be a good start!

Expander is definitively his best track although that Mongoose one was also very good. Probably good track to use as an example for a techno tutorial.

[quote]g-hunter (6/23/2009)[hr]Expander .[/quote]

Good shout!!!


I love Xpander, it’s simply awesome.

Very much +1 for recreating that.


Dont mean to sound rude those two tracks go nowhere!