How to sound like Sasha?

How to sound like Sasha? (VST’s, Sythesizers, Reverb, Delay Options…)

i think most of of the famous djs has studied music production but what makes them having a style is the way they use their synths .i would like to know what kind of synthetizer he uses .

Charlie May Produces a lot of the Sasha records

[quote]phil johnston (04/04/2010)[hr]Charlie May Produces a lot of the Sasha records[/quote]

ha :slight_smile:

Right on. Yes, Charlie May produces alot of Sasha’s stuff along with Baz Barry Jamison, James Holden, Junkie XL, etc., etc., etc., etc.

I love Sasha and he is the MAN, but he has a BIG production team with him. He’s always working with other people and they are always influencing his tracks.

I know Charlie May uses a Virus Ti. You can download Involver and Involver 2 patches from the Virus website. They’re pretty nice. They also use Jupiters, Moogs, etc. Not to mention every sound of theirs is going through a TON of effects and processors.

So to sound like Sasha is a pretty big task. If you have certain sounds in particular, that may be easier to target.

Here is a link to an interview with Charlie May on the Access Virus website.  This will give you insight into some of the equipment they use and how crazy it gets with those producers in terms of equipment.