How To Sound Like SHM for beginners?

Hey There

First of all Great site!

Even though I’ve been DJ’ing for many years Im only just starting out with the producing side now.

Is there any chance You can make How To Sound Like SHM for beginners? I know it would be many modules but I think a lot of new producers like myself would benefit from seing exactly how the beats, loops, synths were found and processed with filters, eqs etc. bit by bit. The How to Sound Like tutorials you have now are great but probably even better for already experienced users.

Basically I need a dumb down version of the SHM tutorial :slight_smile:

And I will of course watch the Logic & Ableton beginner videos You have as well BUT they don’t show me how to get the sound I really want to end up with and how its done with the different layers.

Your SHM videos are great and have the exact sound i wanna achieve. Now I just wish to learn how to build that specific track bit by bit myself and what to do with every single part. Basically what Im looking for is if you could open the SHM sounding track you already have created on those videos and take me through a total beginners version.

from importing the first kickdrum, taking 1 track at a time, how to create white noise, adding reverbs, filters etc…everything that makes a new producer feel secure he or she will end up with a track that has the exact sound one is looking for.

When you are totally new to this a lot of words and concepts are flying through your ears. Many youngsters have a lot of time on their hands but once you are over 30 like myself there is less time playing about :slight_smile: Therefore a dumb down version is much appreciated.

Thanks for reading




the only thing i would suggest is that you watch the beginners courses to get yourself up to scratch!

have a look at music production using Ableton Live for beginners course first of all.

this should teach you the basics!