How to sound like... Shpongle

So I know some people are probably like “who the hell is shpongle” they’re like

an unclassifiable genre of psychedelic electronic music but their productions are absolutely stunning and amazing. I figured seeing how most standard genres of

dance music are covered on here, lets branch out a bit.

Shpongle’s sound is known for its heavy use of world music elements, phasers, delays,

odd time signatures, and just overall stunningly creative and trippy sounds.

Here’s some tracks that have really inspired me.

Shpongle is one of my most inspiring most favorite artist. i’m gonna say this with all respect.

you cant really take an artist like Shpongle and reproduce it. their music is extremely organic and unique. they use a lot of analogue synths, which gives them a unique and so powerful sound. its ambient music. that sh!t comes over time before you develop your “own” sound like Shpongle has done.