How to sound like...Skream

Those modulated basses!!!.

I can also add…those modulated synths of Joker!!!.

Bring them on! :smiley:

Considering its current popularity some kind of htsl for dubstep generally would probably be a great idea!

Yeah Dubstep is v popular at the moment.

I’m due to do a new freebie ‘how to’ tutorial soon so if you can pop 4 reference skream tracks down and the particular element that interests you from each one I’ll knock a couple together.

It will prob be in Ableton as I seem to have unconciously migrated to ableton recently for my dubstep needs.

+10000000 for a dubstep vid

ok mr sniffles, I will need four favourite skream tracks and what elements of those tracks really do it for you, then I’ll get on it!

Get on it and I will too :slight_smile:

I don’t necessarily know so much about just Skream… I can show you 4 of my fav Skream tracks but there are others that are equally just as good.

Rusko, DZ, Datsik, Reso, Bassbin Twins…

I’ll up some songs

Yesss this would make an awesome tute. <br>

Not so much a fan of skream

more so guys like Bar9, Excision, vaski and datsik

Anything like thisssssssss

ok cool, thats a few tracks to check out at least, if the others can get there’s sorted too i’l get cracking on with it :slight_smile:

I’m more of a DZ guy myself

right peeps, i’m on it, chase me by thursday if nothing is posted.

Any news on this Liam? Should be whopper mate. Thanks for taking the time.

I have been on it last week, and will get back on it after tomorrow, will get it finished up and online as soon as I can, before the Chrimbo celebrations get in the way!


Is this a dead project?

hi sniffles, no its not just got other stuff on and trying to juggle it all, I’ve been trying stuff out with the massive synth to get familiar with it and have set end of week as my deadline to get the videos published and online.

sorry for delay

Taking a lot longer than I thought, will decide to either do a lighter version sooner or it might take a while longer but be full of nuggets of dubstep joy, I got my sub bassline one done so you can see I am working, just that was first on to do list.

This is probably way too late, but whatevz. Here are a couple dubstep songs that i like

Nah its not to late, the bass style on these tracks is already included though in my plans :slight_smile:

Its getting there, all good things etc…

Will update very soon!

does any know how to do whatever rusko is doing to his synth to make it so powerful here? like he adds another osc at 18 seconds. I have no idea what this means or how it is done. Any tips? Thanks

To me it sounds like he’s add a sine wave that will be in octave c1-c2

But there is also more higher frequencies at the same time too so its either not a pure sine(mixed with a saw) or all his oscillators are going through a distortion effect, which I think is more likely.

All the oscillators are going the the same filter sweep via an envelope by the sound of it too.

If you can wait this stuff is being covered in my imminent tutorial series.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

not long now, I recorded the 11th video today, its gonna be a 13-14 parter and I can’t make any of it live till its all up.

I am hoping by early next week I’ll have it all finished up for those who are interested.

Phew, what a slog :slight_smile: