How To Sound Like 'Trance' Videos

The Tutorial Only Gave Ableton live Progect.

Can Give Us Just Midi File to Use In other DAW.

or can give us other DAW Project ?

Best Regards

What kind of DAW do you use?.

I havent practiced the Tutorials yet of trance but i bet it will take time for me to translate in Cubase , also i use different synths and i dont have a powerfull computer ( wich means i have to use the Freeze option all the time lol ).

when i took the Tutorials for  Nu Disco I had some Issues Trying to replicate the Chords since cubase got different PLug ins than ableton . i still get to create the same Chord Progression with Chorder ( a Cubase 5 Plug in ) ,  but trying to Figure it out the chords used for the Tutorial it took me a long time .I dont have issues but i think that SA should also make Tutorials not only with Ableton ( since the reason that i Joined this website because SA had Cubase Tutorials  and other Online Schools didnt want to join because they asked me to learn all over again Ableton or Logic).

but also with Other DAWS like Cubase or Logic


i use cubase too :smiley:

and i don’t have nexus synth .:cool:

But the trance is i most interest thing.

i hope they can use cubase reproduce this tutorial :w00t:

try to check on you tube !! there is some great tutorials for Trance . i was checking yesterday some crazy Videos how to do trance on cubase