How To Sound Like - Uk Hardcore

Not to sure weather this is Sonics cup of tea as you may class it as a bit cheesy but the new age uk hardcore scene is blowing up, and its really become a massive fave on the old ipod, because of its sheer imense pace and basically its banging which i like,

Is there any chance we can have a htsl on a few of the following examples

- YouTube

- YouTube

Clubland Xtreme Hardcore 5. Banksy Art. - YouTube

- YouTube

Basically the main things i’m looking for is how to make the bass, lead, pads

and another major factor is on how to mix them making the kick and bass sit right.

There was a bit in Computer music in the Q&A section on how to sound like Discolights but it was nothing like it.




There has to be some rule against bumping your own post. Its like voting for yourself for prom king.

I am not really into my uk hardcore but i really do think that Uk hardcore, Freeform and Hardhouse tutorials would be great business for SA. you only have to look around the web to see forums with page after page after page of people asking how t make this stuff.

[quote]howiegroove (5/11/2009)[hr]There has to be some rule against bumping your own post. Its like voting for yourself for prom king.[/quote]

Just LOL’d at that one. :smiley:

Thank you…


we want morrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeee


I wouldn’t mind seeing some of this, admittedly i wouldn’t put too much time into making hardcore but some videos on gammer or dougal and gammer’s work would be cool.

those 2 are keeping the scene alive and worthwhile more than any other producer(s) imho

i would also be interested in this.

not into hardcore as such but im interested in makinf commercial dance… and all that is slowing down hardcore from 170 to 140 :smiley:

By looking at your avatar, I would have never guessed you were in to hardcore! :wink: