How To Sound Like... UMEK

[url=]- YouTube

Speaks for itself :smiley:

Definately second that shout.

Think there should be a few techno, tech-house tutorials. We’ve seen a couple of electro house/trance ones now, time for something else. Always watch every tutorial though, you always pick up wee bits and pieces that you can transfer throughout genres.


Heres latest track (you might not hear nothing) is cracking!

More Tech/Techno please…

would rather see this!

Yeees!would love to see some techno totorials!

- YouTube - this would also be lovely, has anyone heard some of the spektre remixs at the minute, tears originals apart like, if a tutorial could be made on either this or this

- YouTube

both of them are two dj’s that i would kill to sound like

feedback would be appreciated :slight_smile:

I’m in on the UMEK


Hi all!!! Umek gets a vote from me!

I want this too! +1

[quote]mussi81 (6/23/2009)[hr]

would rather see this![/quote]

^^ What he said. Or stuff like:

Glenn Wilson

Ben Sims

Ortin Cam

Jeff Mills

[quote]roben (6/4/2009)[hr][url=]- YouTube

Speaks for itself :D[/quote]

man roben this is really a perfect example for a techno tutorial !

sounds really fresh in a moderate tempo and kicks my ***!

not sounding too old school - think the Lancior example is a bit out of date …

although i would also see how to make :D:P

cant really wait for a proper techno tutorial - i am going nuts for a while for proper techno again !

since paul ritch`s essential mix i found a kind of a new direction dj and production wise for me …

plz at the SA team come on over with a fresh techno tutorial !!

the umek one from roben is a great, great example how to sound like techno in 2009

i also think this is not as complicated as the fedde le grand one … sound wise and arrangement wise !!

so we can expect some vids soon ?


or this track …

man wicked !!

Umek - Spare good for me

- YouTube

A general techno tutorial(eg not minimal or tech house etc)would be great

just found out that the so called “Rolling Bass” in Sylenth was great for such tracks, playing around with it atm. :slight_smile:

EDIT: sounds like this]