How to sound like Vitalic and Arno Cost?

2 differents styles but 2 very talented producers.

La Rock 01 from Vitalic and Souvenir from Arno Cost are two of my all-time favorite and even though Arno Cost has communicated the VSTs he used for this track, i can’t get anywhere close to the sound of his final track. And Vitalic multichord rolling sound in la ROCK 01 defintely remains a mystery for me.

Anyone got ideas ?

Thanks !!!


youtube links please

Oh sorry i shouldn’t post anything before 11AM i’m still in my dreams.

Here are the youtube links :

Vitalic - La Rock 01

Arno Cost - Souvenir

For Souvenir, Arno Cost has posted a message on his myspace saying he used :“V Station” (lead synth); “Synful Orchestra” (strings); “Bass Station” (bassline) for his track “Souvenir”

Yeaaaah it would be awesome !!! I love Vitalic !

For Arno Cost I prefere this one .'Dirty Laundry - Hate Me Remix

Link : [url]Dirty Laundry - Hate Me (Arno Cost Remix) - YouTube

VST : “Albino 3” & “FM8” (lead synth); “Sytrus” (bassline); “Philarmonik” (strings)

N’joy :hehe: