How to sound like Will Sparks & SCNDL - Tombstone?


I was wondering if any one could tell me how I can recreate the sounds of the break pluck & lead of this new track? It sounds clean, loud and great. And how to create a psy bass like in this drop? I know how to create a simple psy bass, but I can’t get it to sound huge and “in your face”…


Hey @WAmusic

Perhaps some “Protoculture” tutorials could be interesting here according to the genre you’re referring to :

in this full list you might want to check those 2 :

Thanks. For the break lead and pluck, do you know where I could look for a tutorial with this type of result?

Might be worth to ask this via the Sonic Academy Face Book Discussion Group since it will reach more people, hard to point to very specific “how to sound like” matching request here.

If you have a FB account & haven’t done it yet, feel free to ask to join ( it’s a closed group ) using this link: