How to tell the key of vocal samples

Hey just wondering if there is any programs that tell you the key of a vocal sample I understand that this is a skill that eventually you can tell by ear but until Im confident enough to trust myself 100percent something to help would be good

Pretty simple really, can sometimes take a while if your ear isn’t very musically trained, just set up a piano or other instrument and play it alongside the vocal until it sounds the same. Tap out 8th notes with each key until it sounds right, you’ll figure it out

I understand what your saying but when its a like one word being said that becomes abit hard I would think?

There’s a few free guitar tuner plugins… Think ones called mtune or something… That could work.

here you go…

get P. notes also…great programs

thanks for the replies I do have mixed in key but I wasnt aware it worked on short vocal samples though it only worked on whole songs I will put a sample through it and see what happens. :slight_smile:

Hi Phil

Few ideas for potential tutors to generate content for SA. These are just leads at this stage rather than people who will definitely sign up:

This guy has some excellent Youtube tutorials and his own website where he sells follow on Logic tutorials. He may welcome the wider distribution through SA or do an exclusive SA series that he can promote via his yt page

May be difficult to pull off, but it would be a big coup if you could get an exclusive Trifonic series on SA

I was thinking of getting some 1:1 tuition before joining SA (turned out to be too expensive). This guy writes a bit for CM magazine, has worked with some big name producers (Judge Jules) and could be interested. He does Breakbeat, Hardstyle, Electro, Complextro etc He can be contacted via his website

I did a short summer course at the Garnish school of sound. Paul Waller was one of the tutors - his session was the best by a mile. He does respond via his youtube page, I have his mobile number that I can dig out. Only potential source of conflict is that he does stuff with Pointblank

There are a couple of private tuition Logic Tutors that might generate some content for you if approached

If you look in the services section of Sound on Sound website, there are often freelance producers who offer 1:1 training. If they are looking for extra income, generating content for a site like SA may have not occurred to them. There is a guy on there at the moment offering production and music arranging training

Just a few ideas