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Ableton Live 10 Creative Extensions with Bluffmunkey

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Sonic Academy welcomes back sound design and Ableton maestro Bluffmunkey and this week he’s checking out Ableton’s free pack for Live 10 Suite - Creative Extensions.

As the name suggests, these plugins can help with inspiration and are designed to enhance and expand the punch, colour and texture of your tracks.
Included in the pack are 8 different plugins which consist of two synths - Bass and Poli, a MIDI sequencer, a pitch delay effect, a gated sequenced delay, a limiter, a multiband envelope processor, and a reverb like texturaliser.

Over these twelve tutorials, Bluffmunkey takes a detailed look at each of the plugins in-depth, explaining what each of the controls are used for, before applying them to a real world example on a track to enhance each of the different elements.

Available for free to all owners of Live 10 Suite or those that have Live 10 Standard along with Max for Live installed , downloading this pack is a no brainer!

Check out how to use it, and what it’s capable of in this course and then go and have some fun!

This course sis worth the annual subscription, on its own, thank you

Fantastic course, straight forward, really simplified explained

superb over view on these and easy to understand, i disregarded them until i watched this

Awesome course! Really helpful, instructive and inspiring. Thanks!