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Ableton Live 10 Echo with Bluffmunkey

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This week we welcome back Bluffmunkey for an in-depth look at another of Ableton Live 10’s new plugins - Echo.

This one isn’t just a simple delay plugin, and Ableton has certainly gone to town in creating a rival that can hold it’s own against third-party plugins.

Over these two videos, Bluffmunkey firstly runs through each of the controls demonstrating how Echo can not only create simple rhythmic delays, but also how you can manipulate how those delays actually behave, merging analog and digital sounds and giving you further options by adding reverb, distortion, filtering, and modulation into the mix.

In the second video, we look at using Echo as a tool for sound design in two real-world examples, producing a techno bassline from a kick, and then using it to enhance a psy-trance loop by automating some of the parameters.

Hours of fun can be spent just playing with this plugin alone, and its ability to transform the plain-and-simple into something completely different has certainly become a hit with Ableton users.

Check out how to make the most of it here, then go create!

Great tutorial with in depth explanation of the echo plugin. Easy to follow and it gave me some great ideas for my tracks. Keep up the good work Bluffmumkey.

Wow! I learned and laughed a lot. Great teaching skills!

What a plug from live as native, great work bluff monkey will grab this tutorial

good stuff!

Nice :wink:

where can i get a discount code to upgrade to ableton 10?

Hey @treese1993

You should be able to get a discount if you already own a previous version of Live by Ableton.

More information here :

Great tutorial, thank you.

An excellent tutorial.

Great tutorial!