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Ableton Live 10 Simpler with P-LASK

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Ableton guru and certified trainer P-LASK is back with us once again this week and this time he’s taking an in-depth look at how to use the super useful ‘Simpler’ plugin that’s included with all versions of Ableton Live.

Even though it’s called ‘Simpler’ there’s a lot to get out of this sampler, from dragging in one-shots and manipulating them to slicing up drum loops to create entirely new beats.

P-LASK’s easy-to-follow course will take you through all the available controls and show just how easy it is to design and craft your own unique and professional sounds from unlikely sources, all from solely using Ableton with no third-party plugins needed!

Whatever your ability this is a must for all Ableton users out there. Check it out!

Fantastic tutor. Always a pleasure learning from you.

thank you!

Great Course and Teacher!!

No resources? :frowning:

Well explained and some nice sound design tips at the end.

Hey there @myfreemickey

Sorry for this delayed reply, I might have missed this one :blush:

No, there’s no resources with this course since it’s not about building a full track or a more complex project, just follow along to learn about Live’s Simpler features & IMO I think it’s more effective to learn how to make the different sounds examples than just launching something already made inside Live to follow along, really makes more sense to dial in those knobs & parameters yourself, it will be easier to get familiar & to remember the workflow in the end.

PLASK, you are the BEST! Steadily making my way through all your classes on SonicAcademy and they’ve been great.

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Amazing course. Detailed, clarified and accurate information combined with an amazing hands -on practical approach! P-LASK, you are awesome. Thank you!

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Another fantastic tutorial by P-Lask