How To Use - Ableton Live 9 Beginner Level 1 / 325

Over the next 18 videos we will taking you through the key areas of Ableton Live's latest release Live 9.


This is the beginner Level 1 course where we first get to grips with the software - Level 2 will follow on the site shortly after and will continue on from where this course ends.


First up though we will be taking a look at the main features of the software from its user interface to the differences between the Session & Arrangement views.

We will then look at creating everything esstential to making a full track from drums, percussion, lead synth and bassline. Finally we complete this introductory course by doing an arrangement of our song and show you how to export the file making it ready to convert to MP3 or burn to CD.


always nice for everything, sounds cool

Hello folks@SonicAcad...
I have been a member since Jan 2013 but viewing your video of the new live9
I have seen that all the videos that you offer usually is pre setup with all the
files etc., but so far I have not understood how this functions so for that reason
I do not have any files, project saved as it is demonstrated when a new part
of the course is started...where can I get some help...?

Hi Dino - grab the files & resources from the &#034Files & Resources&#034 tab on the right ! >>

You make it look so easy.

The resources link does not work for me. Any server issues or broken link? Or is it me...

Excellent beginner tutorial,

Clean sounding samples used

Easy to understand basic arrangement in 5 chunks, good starting point for beginners.

32 bar dj intro
32 bar 1st main section
16 bar break
32 bar 2nd main section
32 bar dj outro

Only a few audio & midi effects, instrument rack, sample bass & drums used with a bit of automation â??perfect for a beginner&#039

And the tutor was good.


Hi inteilla - just refresh the page and the downloads should work for you

I love it! I love it!...When will part 2 be available??


Great tutorial! Can&#039t wait for the next lessons to come out!

resources aren&#039t downloadable from Chrome (you arrive at an &#039error&#039 message / page)
Works fine in Safari however

tutorial 4 session view video stops playing at 3mins 40secs stops buffering?

my bad laptops fault.when I download the resourse folder I get an error message while it is extracting and I am not getting the samples folder please help?

Hi Syk33 - please redownload the resources and try using 7Zip if on a PC to extract the files

files currently cannot be downloaded due to an amazon time-out....

forget previous remark, it works again....

thanks completed level 1 live 9 excellent instruction

thanks very much, im very new to this but i feel i can find my way around ableton after watching and listening to you. top class :) thanks very much again

Hi - how do I convert the sound from ANA into files that I can drop into the Simpler? At the moment I&#039m running the sounds directly from ANA and therefor can&#039t use the filter on Automation? Regards - David